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The Mental Health Diaries

Hello my lovelies! I am sorry for the lack of post yesterday, I haven't been feeling 100% Today's post is a update in my Mental Health Diaries series. So, be sure to read on to find out how I have been feeling this past week. Thursday 28th March Today I had a lesson with my… Continue reading The Mental Health Diaries

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Music Tag!

Hello my lovelies! Today I am going to share my answers to the music tag. I thought this would be a good way to let you into my music taste a little bit so let's get going! Favourite Band/Musician at the Moment? As always, I am listening to The Cure a lot as they are… Continue reading Music Tag!


Get To Know Me Q & A!

Hello my lovelies! Today I decided to share some answers to questions that you guys asked me on social media so here we go! Be sure to follow my pages online- the links are in the sidebar and at the end of this post. Where Did You Grow Up? I grew up in Cornwall which… Continue reading Get To Know Me Q & A!

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Beauty Wants!

Hello my lovelies. Today I thought that I would share with you the products that I want to grab myself soon. I will hopefully get some of these over the coming months and will write reviews and maybe craft some looks with the make-up products! My first set of products come from the high-street beauty… Continue reading Beauty Wants!

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Anxiety Relief

Hello my lovelies. Today I am going to share my anxiety management strategies with you all. After beginning to write my Mental Health Diaries series, I realised that there are things that I have discovered and developed that could be of use to other people. I am by no means suggesting that these are guaranteed… Continue reading Anxiety Relief

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Staring at The Cure!

Hello my lovelies! This post is going to be one which is about something that happened just over four years ago but I still maintain the belief that it was and will always be the most magical night of my life. It all started with a tweet. The Cure's official Twitter account caused my phone… Continue reading Staring at The Cure!

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The Mental Health Diaries

Hello my lovelies! Today I am back with another post in my Mental Health series. If you haven't read the first one, I will link it here and if you want to find out updates and more, read on! Friday 8th March Today I attended the Lush Plymouth store opening. I had been looking forward… Continue reading The Mental Health Diaries