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The Mental Health Diaries

Hello my lovelies! Today I am back with another post in my Mental Health series. If you haven’t read the first one, I will link it here and if you want to find out updates and more, read on!

Friday 8th March

Today I attended the Lush Plymouth store opening. I had been looking forward to this for a while as I love the products that they sell. However, I was a little apprehensive as I would be going alone (my boyfriend was at college and none of my friends were available). Usually, I would be fine but knowing that I would have to spend the day alone made me quite nervous. The bus journey into town wasn’t too bad but there were some men which made me feel unnerved as they kept glancing back at me. However, my boyfriend met me at the bus stop to make sure I was safe. I then went and had some lunch in McDonalds which was okay, and then I had a little mooch around the shopping centre as I was a little early for the store opening. As anticipated, the store was very busy due to its population and this made me feel quite anxious as I was part of a large crowd. Part of my anxiety is triggered by the unknown so going into a new shop where I was completely uncertain of the layout was a huge step for me. All in all, however, the day was a great success and I found myself leaving with a heightened sense of confidence and a definite boost of achievement!

Saturday 15th March

This week I had a meeting with my college regarding my health situation. This went okay and I stood my ground, fully explaining my situation and that I am doing all that I can to get my doctor’s note. I left with a sense of relief and had felt a lot calmer up until this morning. I went downstairs and there was a letter addressed to me on the doormat. I opened it up and it was from my GP. He explained that my letter for the college was ready but I would need to pay £24 for it! This is something that I had not anticipated and caused me to get quite agitated as I was unsure if I would be able to afford it. However, I calmed myself down with some breathing techniques (I may do a post on these- if you like that idea, be sure to let me know on Instagram or in the comments) and realised that I would be able to accommodate this into my budget. Money is definitely something that leads to a lot of stress when absolutely everything requires it!

I hope you have liked this post and keeping up with my life and I shall be posting at some point in the next week about my experiences with bullying throughout my education so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

Until next time guys,

Chantelle xx


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