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Lush Essentials!

Hello my lovelies. Today I am going to share my absolute staple buys from Lush. I feel like these things are crucial in my life as I suffer with very dry skin that is also quite sensitive so Lush products are perfect for me! So, read on to find out what I highly highly recommend!

Dream Cream

My first recommendation (and the one product that I pray will never be discontinued!) is Dream Cream. A super creamy, luxurious feeling hand and body lotion- Dream Cream is perfect for anybody who has problem skin in any way. I get extremely bad anxiety induced eczema on my legs and arms and, without this product, I would be red raw. With the main ingredient being oat milk- an ingredient that has been used to calm hot, damaged skin, the cream is ridiculously soothing and cooling on sore, irritated skin. The inclusion of tea tree oil is amazing as it has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties as well as being super helpful in the healing process. Also, the addition of lavender oil really boosts the relaxing scent of the cream (which makes me feel very calm and ready to sleep!)

At £14.95 for a 240g pot, I highly recommend this being in your basket if you get dry skin and if not, I would still urge you to have it in your bathroom because it is just so soothing and hydrating without being oily or sticky. These pots last me for almost a year and I use it everyday, however if the price is an issue for you, Lush have started to sell 45g pots of Dream Cream for £4.50 which is a brilliant deal!


Along the same lines as Dream Cream, Butterball is a staple for easily upset skin. If I want to have a luxury soak, this is my go-to! With chunks of indulgent cocoa butter nestled inside, your bath turns into a silky wonderland and you leave with supple skin that is protected from harm by the light layer left over it. The addition of ylang ylang- which is used to calm anxiety and reduce stress levels in aromatherapy- ensures that you leave the bath fully relaxed.

At £2.95 each, this is one of Lush’s cheaper bath bombs but is just as brilliant as any of the others. I personally feel like it is a hidden gem and has so many benefits. If you are someone who loves a colourful bath, this perhaps wouldn’t be at the top of your list but I would definitely recommend trying it for its moisturising qualities.

The Comforter

I adore bubble bars for the simple reason that you can get so many uses out of them. I tend to break mine into 4-6 pieces and therefore get multiple uses out of one bar. I love the fact that such a small amount can still produce so many bubbles and turn your bath a gorgeous colour. In the case of The Comforter, the water turns a shade of pink which is simply glorious. I find that the scent is very relaxing- with cassis absolute giving a blackcurrant fragrance to your soak. In addition, my skin always feels super soft afterwards which is amazing!

At £5.25 for this supersized wonder, Lush’s The Comforter is definitely a bargain when you take into account that you get multiple uses out of it! It is great for those who like coloured baths and those who love bubbles as it definitely provides those!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my staple Lush products and I will definitely be reviewing more soon as I visit the new store!

Until tomorrow my lovelies,

Chantelle xx


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