Nose Piercing Advice!

Hello my lovelies. I hope that you’re all well. Today I am going to tell you all about my experience with getting and caring for my nose piercing so let’s get into it!

I began thinking seriously about getting my nose piercing in December 2018. I came to the conclusion that I would only do it if I really had the surplus money to do it. It was a few weeks later when I found a random Blue Banana voucher in my bedroom so decided to take it into the store. If it had credit on it, I would get my nose pierced and, alas, it did.

The Procedure

I chose to get my nose pierced by a needle. This is the recommended way to have it done as piercing guns i) are hard to sterilise and ii) cause extensive tissue trauma around the piercing. I waited for ten minutes in the waiting room before getting called into the piercing studio. I sat on the couch and the piercer discussed the position that I wanted my piercing in. I chose to have it on the left side of my nose and quite a low position as I have quite a small nose.

I was told to take a series of deep breaths as the piercer prepared the equipment. Now, I had my eyes closed as I didn’t want to see what was happening, but my boyfriend who was in the studio with me seems to recall the needle being a medium length. The piercer then placed a tong type tool up my nostril and plunged the needle through on the count of three. I describe the pain to those who ask as being like a sharp pinch on the nose that makes your eye water. The piercer then placed the stud (which was a nose screw style) into my nose and all was well. Until two weeks later..

It was two weeks later when I realised that my nose stud was starting to come out of the hole quite a lot and wouldn’t remain in there. So I popped back to the studio and was seen immediately. It was then that the piercer told me that my nose was rejecting the stud as it was too high of a gauge (this means too thick). After this, I was fitted with a straight nose stud which is typically used for gun piercings and I headed home again. This stud was okay but, due to the swelling in my nose, it would fall out quite often as it did not have any backing. So I bought myself an open nose ring, which is super easy to pop in, and this didn’t seem to come out that much.

My nose piercing essentials (the rings are quite thin!)


My aftercare consisted of two sea salt soaks a day (one in the morning and one at night) and every alternate day, I would drip some tea tree oil onto my piercing. This is an amazing oil to use on a new piercing as it has antibacterial, antimicrobial and healing properties. However, it is important to make sure that you have diluted oil as 100% oil is too strong for the skin. My recommendation with a nose piercing is to not remove the crusting from it all the time. I found that by removing it, I was hindering my healing process so leaving it there makes it a more pleasant experience as the skin can heal around the piercing site.


It has been eight weeks since I first got my nose pierced and six since my stud got changed. I feel pretty much healed by now and am just waiting for the slight bump that I got from the rejection to subside. However, my piercing is comfortable and I am able to change my jewellery over with moderate ease. At the moment, I have a rose gold CBR ring from Blue Banana in my nose and am really liking it.

So I hope that you all found that interesting and if you are considering getting your nose pierced, I would say go for it- providing that you are willing to provide the aftercare it needs and allow it the sufficient time to heal.

Until tomorrow guys,

Chantelle xx


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