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Lush Store Opening!

Hello my lovelies! Thank you all for joining me today where I have something very exciting to share with you all!

Today, I attended the brand new Lush Plymouth store opening! There has been a Lush in our city for ages now but it always felt too cramped for such a blooming business. That is why the move down the escalator to the lower floor of Drake’s Circus is perfect!

A picture from the second floor showing just how packed the store was!

The launch was scheduled to begin at 12pm so I headed to the store with ten minutes to spare and there was already a queue of about thirty people! The store assistants were walking around dressed as the Intergalatic bath bomb and The Comforter- both are some of my absolute favourites! And then chaos descended and we were allowed into the store. Upon entering, the beautiful cacophony of the vibrant, sweet scents hit me and encapsulated my senses. The bath section was in the first section of the store (as you can see below) and it was a stunning display. All of the different products were displayed in crates with all of the colours contrasting one another in such a way that it simply makes you want to buy everything! My personal favourite section of the store was the new bath oil display. I love the way in which they are captioned to be like a ‘Pick n Mix’ and this continues through to the way in which you can package them. For 75p you can get a little carton and put your bath bombs in there. Not only is this a great way to store them when you get home but you could even reuse it to store your future purchases! I picked up the MMMelting Marshmallow Moment bath oil and I am so excited to try it! As for the other bath products, I bought my two all time favourites, Butterball- which helps massively with my dry skin- and The Comforter which makes me feel so relaxed with so many luscious bubbles!

One thing that I didn’t get to experience at the launch that I did want to was the bath bomb making workshop. The was such a high amount of people at the stand that I didn’t get a chance to take part but I did watch for a few minutes. The customers got the chance to make the fan favourite Intergalactic and it looked like an amazing experience!

Another part of the store that I really liked was that the walls were lined with the amazing gift sets that the company sell and the stunning knot wraps. I didn’t realise that Lush sold such a wide range of incredible gift sets. I think that these are amazing purchases because not only are they beautifully packaged but they are also great value for money and allow you to try products that you may not necessarily pick up yourself and then find yourself loving! I really liked the Bunny Butter Cheeks as Butterball is an essential for me and the packaging is super cute!

All in all,  I really love the new Lush store in Plymouth and will definitely be visiting again soon when I have used the goodies that I purchased today (which shouldn’t be long)!

See you all tomorrow!

Chantelle xx


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