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Hello my lovelies! An absolute must for any makeup wearer is a decent brush cleaning routine. The amount of bacteria harvested within the fibres and in the excess makeup can lead to breakouts and even acne. Therefore, it is imperative that you clean your tools. I clean my brushes with a spot clean every time I use them and a thorough wash once a week.

What Is A Spot Clean?

A spot clean is a good way to ensure that your brushes do not get stained with pigment between uses. It also makes sure that bacteria are removed slightly from the brush. I find it even more important to carry out these cleans when doing looks such as Gothic makeup, which require primarily dark, highly pigmented colours. For my spot cleans, I use kitchen roll and the B. Makeup Brush Cleanser. I choose to use kitchen roll because of the abrasive quality it has, as well as the texture. These are incredibly useful to make sure that you can get as much makeup out of the brush as possible without scrubbing too hard and damaging the fibres. To clean, you merely spray the cleanser onto the brush, paint circular motions onto the kitchen roll and repeat until no clear pigment is visible.

What Is A Thorough Wash?

Once a week (or more often if I am using my brushes on others/using dark pigments that could stain), I clean my brushes thoroughly. This is a much more effective way of ensuring that bacteria and excess makeup does not build up within the brush and lead to break outs and possible eye infections if product gets into contact with your eye. To carry out these washes, I use my Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette and either some fragrance free baby shampoo or the B. Antibacterial Makeup Brush Shampoo. To clean in this way, I run warm water into the basin or a plastic bowl. I then squirt some of the shampoo onto the palette, ensuring that I don’t use too much. Then, I dip the brush into the water slightly (being careful not to fully submerge as this can dissolve the glue which holds the bristles in the barrel) and swirl onto the palette until there is no makeup debris coming out. Then, I place the brushes HORIZONTALLY (this is so crucial as otherwise water will cause the glue to dissolve) on a towel and allow them to air dry usually over night.

This is how to position your brushes!

I hope you guys have found this post useful and informative. I know many people who didn’t previously know that cleaning brushes was a requirement until they came to me complaining about their skin!

See you all soon and thanks for reading šŸ™‚

Chantelle xx


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