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An Eye for An Eye..!

Hello my lovelies! Today’s post is one that I wish I had read when I was first into makeup- because I made some massive makeup faux pas. Read on to find out what colours you should be wearing to make your beautiful eyes POP!

The first fundamental thing that every makeup wearer should be aware of, in my opinion, is the colour wheel and colour theory. Below is a diagram of a colour wheel. How this can be useful to us is that we identify our eye colour (for example, blue), and then go to the opposite segment. Upon landing on the brown/orange sections, we have now identified our complementary colours for our eyes!

The Colour Wheel

To make your lives easier (because who wants to be faffing!), I am going to give a quick run down of the complementary colours for each eye colour and some examples of amazing shadows to make your peepers pop!

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes, as we gathered above, are accentuated by orange, brown and bronze shades. As somebody with blue eyes, my favourite shadows are these:

Green Eyes

Green eyes are flattered by purple tones. These are neutral colours that could be built up and be incredibly striking.

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are highlighted by blue colours. This can be incorporated in a range of ways:

  • NYX Hot Singles in ‘Dare’ (This could be applied through the crease for a pop!)
  • No. 7 Metallic Eye Pencil in ‘Blue’ (This could be used in the water line for a subtle hint of colour)
  • Rimmer Wonder Swipe Eyeliner in ‘Damn You Shook’ (This would look so vibrant!)

Thanks for reading this post today guys and I hope this has been helpful for you all!

Chantelle xx


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