Snorlax Logic!

Hello everyone! Today I am posting something that relates to a hobby that my boyfriend and I share which is Pokemon. We absolutely love it- the card game, the video games, the anime! So I thought a good first post on this topic would be about one of my favourite Pokemon: the mighty Snorlax!

I was at a bit of a loss of what to write about for this post so I asked one of our favourite Pokemon streamers for an idea and he suggested trying to justify weird and wonderful Snorlax logic! For those of you who don’t know, Snorlax is the sleeping Pokemon. He is HUGE and eats 800lbs of food before falling into a deep sleep (such a mood right there!)

How Does He Get So Much Food!?

Well, there are a few ways shown in the anime that could explain this! The first is in the episode ‘Snack Attack!’ from the Adventures in Orange Islands series. Here, Snorlax is discovered to be eating all of the grapefruits that the inhabitants are working hard to grow- after being suspected to be a group of thieves, it turned out to be one hungry giant! So this is one way that Snorlax gets enough food to satisfy him.

Another way is shown in the episode ‘Awakening the Sleeping Giant!’ from the XY series. Here, Snorlax is found asleep in the centre of a small town and needs to be woken up as his loud snoring is disturbing everyone! We learn that the residents of Camphrier Town allow Snorlax to plough their fields for them and show their gratitude by presenting him with fruits during a celebration festival!

Are There Any Other Snorlax’s?

Sadly, there is only the Snorlax that appears above on the Pokedex entry. However, there is a red Snorlax shown in the Pokemon Chronicles episode ‘Training Daze’ which is merely a member of Team Rocket in a suit 😦 . Personally, I would love an Alolan Snorlax because he would definitely fit in on the awesome islands, full of delicious fruits. This hasn’t been announced by the Pokemon company but I found this on Reddit and it makes me want it to happen even more!

Alolan Snorlax is so ready for the beach!

So, I hope you have enjoyed this post and I will probably make more Pokemon related content soon as it is something I love!

Until next time,

Chantelle xx


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