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What I’m Watching!

Hello my lovelies! Today is a post about what I am loving on TV at the moment. These are new shows which you will be able to find online so if you are looking for something to keep you amused- read on!

I am a sucker for a gripping drama so recent shows have been super exciting for me. Firstly, BBC’s ‘The Victim’. Focusing on the controversial topic of protected identities for previous offenders, it details a mother’s determination to expose the person who killed her 9 year old son some 13 years ago. I won’t give too many details here as I don’t want to spoil it but I really do recommend this series. All 4 parts (at 1 hour each) are on BBC iPlayer now.

Another drama that I loved was ITV’s ‘Cheat’. With 4 episodes once again (all available on ITV Hub), the series opens with two women- Rose and Leah- sitting in the prison visiting room. As viewers, we are unsure who is visiting who and throughout the series, the story unfolds revealing why one of them is in prison. This was a super good series and just the start of ITV’s drama reign this spring!

Following on from that, ITV launched 6 part ‘The Bay’. Following the disappearance of twins in the seaside town of Morecambe, we follow Detective Lisa Armstrong as she works as the Family Liaison Officer on the case- and discovers that she may have a more personal connection to the missing children’s family than she had previously anticipated! The first 4 episodes of the series are on the ITV Hub and the penultimate episode airs on Wednesday 17th April at 9pm!

I hope that this gives you a few shows to keep you amused through the Spring evenings until it warms up a little!

Until next time,

Chantelle xx


1 thought on “What I’m Watching!”

  1. I really liked cheat! Well played by the cast. I watched the first episode of Bay, but still haven’t watched all of it. I need to catch up on it. One program I am looking forward to starting is Clink, a female prison drama xx


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